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"Extraordinary careers are everyone's birthright"

Career By Design is the roadmap to yours.

Are you ready to unpack your authentic career?

My work is UNCOVERING your UNIQUE DESIGN based on an amalgamation of neuroplasticity, Human Design, psychology, and findings within cognitive, affective, and behavioral science.

Here is a free, 5-page guide for EXCAVATING your Dreamiest Prosperous and Self-Acutating Career. THIS is also the intake form for clients who work with me at an affordable monthly payment to massively transform either their current career or move like a rockstar into their next corporate Role/venture/business/careerpath

If you are struggling to believe that is possible for you, Please Write to me at influencerofhappiness@gmail.com.

It would be an honor To Serve You and Help EXPAND you into THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION YOU WERE DESIGNED FOR.

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Book a Carrier Design Session

If you feel stuck or lacking clarity on your next steps. Book a session with me. First we will have a 5-10 minute session to learn about you and what you are going through. Then you and I will have a 1:1 60 mins where we will discuss the divinely designed work you came to do here.

Book a Carrier Topology Session

In this session, we take everything that you've worked on till now to define the next practical step of your dream career. This is particularly useful for career changers and people who are well aware of their career psychological blocks

Book a Conscious Branding Session​

This session is a combination of career strategy, tactical resume building as per your Human Design, and overall revamping to your career branding - your resume, presentation, and communication. Clients' favorite, this course produces an consciously branded resume for your dream job, Human Design Career Reading and clarity, and other Presentation coaching that will work uniquely for you.

Book a Career Subconscious Healing

This is purely a psychology back emotional clearing session that focusses on activating your career manifold. Before the session, I will send out a questionnaire for you to fill out. Together we will work in 4X60 minute session to identify, alchemize, and release this block. Clients have experienced massive career growth (3X income, Dreamiest Job come through)


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About Me

Strategic + Scientific + Spiritual

I am an expert in helping people identify their purpose, and step into  their dreamiest career. 3Xed income, being excited about their career, and promotion coming through without even asking for, are some of the bonuses of working with me. 

Mische knows you immediately and gives you the toughest insights so lovingly to transform you. Thanks to Mische, I feel extremely confident and my manager noted me for promotion without me even asking for it.
Megan Lee
Mische is a phenomenal career healer. She sees where your beliefs are holding you back and holds a higher level for you and lovingly helps you surpass it. I am now working the wildest of dreams job that I have been trying to get for 6 years
Cyber Specialist
Mische’s psychological coaching, negotiation strategies, and self-worth coaching are truly magical. She saw my value that I truly didn’t see like the way she did and led to upgrading and finding a job that paid me 1.5X my salary.
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Heal Your Career